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The Survival Summary website has a new address:

The only feature that was lost in the move was the ability for a subscriber to receive an email when there was a new post. This effects 65 of you guys out there. I would recommend using to subscribe to new posts click on the icon below and choose a news reader.


Torch Fenix TK12 and TK45

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

I upgraded my EDC SureFire flashlight to the Fenix TK12 R5 LED Flashlight. It is twice a bright but a bit longer so it doesn’t fit in my Men’s 5.11 Traditional Tactical Lightweight Cotton Casual Taclite Pro Work Pants.

We also bought the Fenix TK45 High Performance Flashlight. This one will replace the 3 million candle power flashlight we keep in the closet.