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This is my main every day carry (EDC) guns. I also carry the Keltec LCP as a backup. I use the small grip back strap and I am able to get a great grip on the gun. I can shoot the XD(m) better that I could shoot my old Glock 23c. I don’t think the XDm 3.8 makes a huge difference in the ability to carry concealed as the barrel is the only thing that is smaller.
I had to cut the factory holster paddle a little bit. It was jabbing me in the hip while sitting.

I had to replace the factory magazine belt holster with a Fobus magazine paddle holster because I take the holster on and off during the day.

The 5.11 covert casual shirts I wear would also hide the barrel of the larger xdm. I draw the xmd by grasping the bottom of the shirt and pulling back it breaks the snaps loose.

The Springfield Armory XD(m) 9mm 3.8 has been a great carry concealed weapon (CCW) for me.


1 Stack On GC-908-5 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet, Green bolted to the wall joists

A new video of Visonic Powermax Security System Kit

You will be able to install this systems yourself. It is screwed into the power outlet so it cannot be accidentally knocked out. It has a backup battery on the left panel. The key fob has a four function buttons (away, disarm, home & status). You can setup the alarm system to disable the motion sensors in the home mode and it gives you other options for door delay on entry or exit.

The alarm system has a woman’s voice to speak the status of the system (arming away disarmed, back door open, front door closed, etc.) You can use the keypad to enter you security code. Or use your key fobs if they are paired to you alarm system.

Every alarm sensor is wireless (glass break, door & window contacts & motion sensors). They use the CR123 lithium batteries and have an excellent shelf life of 10+ years. The sensors have not needed the batteries replaced after 2+ years. The last systems also used the CR123 batteries and they didn’t need changed after 10+ years.

Every door & window has sensors. We have the 85 lbs. pet immune motion sensor. Glass break sensors on each level of the house.

A new video of our Chamberlain Wireless Pedestrian & Vehicle Alert System.

German Bred German Shepherd

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Security

New video of our German bred German Shepherd.

This is our German bred German Shepherd. The American blood lines are making them small and smaller. The German – German Shepherds are bred for schutzhund and are larger by default. Our German Shepherd is a female and is around 75 lbs. She comes from the good working dog bloodline Stronghaus. She has a brother that is a police dog and a sister that is a search and rescue dog.

I trained her to bark when she hears the word “Easy”. This is so it will look like we are trying to calm her down when there is a potential security risk.

She is trained with hand signals so we can operate in silence.

Visonic Powermax Security System

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Security

New video of our Visonic Powermax Security System.

New video showing our Medeco Double Cylinder High Security Locks.